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This 12 digit code is located on the inside panel of the capsule package, as shown here.

Note: The code only appears on non-promotional capsule boxes. Promotional items including Welcome packages are exempt.

NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Rewards

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Featured Rewards

  • Nestea® Peach Iced Tea Capsules 100 Points
  • Mocha Capsules 100 Points
  • Nestea® Peach Iced Tea Capsules 100 Points
  • Cappuccino Ice Capsules 100 Points
  • Caffè Lungo Capsules 100 Points
  • Capsule Carousel 225 Points
  • Water Descaler 90 Points
  • Dark Roast / Caffè Grande Intenso 100 Points
  • Chai Tea Latte 100 Points


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